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1) (NEW) Multi-Year Verse of Study Listing

This is a cumulative list of all Junior and Senior Verses of Study used from 2006 to 2020. 

Senior Verses of Study (2006 to 2020) PDF

Junior Verses of Study (2006 to 2020) PDF

2)  Order Form, Listings, Flyers

NEW: 2021 Bible Quiz Material Order Worksheet

NEW: 2021 Junior Verse Reference Listings

NEW: 2021 Senior Verse Reference Listings

3)  Links to other websites

             UPCI Senior Bible Quizzing Website (

             UPCI Junior Bible Quizzing Website

             Electronic (computer based) Buzzer System (

             "Original" 6 Light Buzzer System (

3)  Videos (click below to view video)

             Study-Pro App Demo 

Who will tell the world? (Ryan O'Neil BQ promotion video)

        UPCI Educational Videos by Ryan O'Neil : (click below to view video)

What is Bible Quizzing

How to Memorize a verse

How to read a quiz

How to interrupt