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How do I become involved in Bible Quizzing for 2017?

NOW IS THE TIME TO BECOME INVOLVED FOR THE 2017 Quiz Year.  When starting a quiz ministry it is very important that you get started the right way. Learning all you can about the Bible Quiz Ministry and proper planning can help you have a successful start. Materials for the 2016 quiz year are now available on this website. While district practice tournaments will not begin until January, many teams will begin “quiz practice in the September – November timeframe. As a new team, since there is much to learn, the earlier you start the better. Some quizzers begin learning their verses as early as September when school starts, while others will wait until the October/November timeframe to begin learning. District practice tournaments begin in January with many quizzers already knowing 20% to 30% of their material.

There are numerous helps on this site to help you learn what is involved in starting a Bible Quiz Ministry. Also, if you never been to a Bible quiz tournament before, try to locate one near you or find a team close by that you can go observe their quiz practice. Bible quizzing is truly a big family and teams are always willing to help new teams get started.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you contact your “DISTRICT COORDINATOR” to let them know of your interest in starting a team. They can personally assist you or at the least give you the contact information of coaches and teams in your District (or region). A link to the contact list is found at the bottom of this page.

Following is an overview of a typical UPCI Bible Quiz Season for 2017 materials (other organizations may operate on a different schedule): 

  • Late July 2016: 2017 verses of study and study materials are released.
  • September-December 2016: Teams are assembled, weekly practices begin
  • January-June2017: Monthly district tournaments are hosted
  • March-April 2017: Regional Extravaganzas are hosted
  • July 16 – 21, 2017: UPCI Junior Bible Quizzing Nationals is held in St. Louis, MO
  • July 22 – 26, 2017: UPCI Senior Bible Quizzing Nationals in held in Indianapolis, IN (Prior to North American Youth Congress).

Following are a list of helps and documents that will provide answers to many of your questions and additional information on what is involved in starting a Bible Quiz Ministry in your local church.