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I am not sure what to order, what should I do?

What Should I Order?

BQPowers offers a comprehensive line of Bible Quiz Products. We understand it can be a little overwhelming. Don't worry. We'll break it down for you on this page.


Let's Start With the Basics

There are basic materials that all quizzers will need. They are:

1. Study Guide/Workbook (Item #002 for Seniors and Item #082 for Juniors)

2. Color Coded Pages (CCP) or Pocket Verses (PkVs)

     a. Senior Intermediate Items - #012s (CCP)  or #015s (PkVs)  

     b. Senior Experienced Items - #022s (CCP)  or #025s (PkVs)

     c. Junior Items - #052s (CCP) or #055s (PkVs) 

     d. Beginner Items - #058s (CCP)

3. Verse Cards

     a. Senior Experienced/Intermediate Black & White - Item #004

     b. Intermediate Color Coded Verse Cards - Item #016

     c. Experienced Color Coded Verse Cards - Item #026

     d. Junior Color Coded Verse Cards - Item #056

     e. Junior/Beginner Black & White Verse Cards - Item #059

What Might a Parent Need?

There are also additional resources for quizzers & parents like "Coach-In-A-Box" (Item #091 or Item #092), "Word2U" (Item #096), and "Richardson Music CDs (Item #101 & Item #102)".

What Do Coaches Need?

We offer line of products that provide the basic for new coaches or provide advanced study material for the most experienced coaches. For Coaches, we recommend the following products:

1)    Rules Manual (Item #001 for Senior Coaches and Item #080 for Junior Coaches)

2)    Quiz Sets - We also offer a complete line of quizzes for use at quiz practice. (Quiz Sets)

A Note For New Coaches

If you are a new coach, we recommend you order the "New Coaches Package" (Item #000 for Seniors and Item #080 for Juniors). These combo packages include all the basic materials you will need to get started.