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How to use Apple Family Share with Bible Quizzer App

Thank you for your purchasing our Bible Quizzer App. This provides needed information to successfully share your purchase across multiple devices and accounts. The “family sharing rules” are set by Apple and it is a little complex. Family sharing of “in app” purchases are not as simple as a “regular” app purchase. Basically Apple forced our developer to structure his Bible Quizzer app for “in app” purchases and that has caused some issues. The good news is there is a way around it. Here is what you need to do (this has been tested and works):

For the purpose of this explanation, I am going to call the two Apple IDs “purchaser” (the ID that was used to buy the module), and the “receiver” ID (the ID you want to receive the module without having to buy it again.

1) Log off the Apple ID on the “receiver” phone

2) On the “receiver” phone, log on with the “purchaser” ID.

3)Open the Bible Quizzer App on the “receiver” phone.

4) Go to “Purchase Module”.

5) Select the Module that was previously purchased.

6) Go thru the entire purchase procedure like you normally would

7) It will look like you are going to pay for it again

8) Proceed all the way thru

9) You should receive a message that says something like: “Module Previously Purchased, do you want to purchase a free copy”

10) Log off the Apple ID used on the “receiver” Phone

11) Log on the “receiver” phone with the original ID

Please follow these directions carefully and if you encounter problems, please email us at We appreciate your business.