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How do I order a Buzzer System (Computerized or Traditional)

How do I order a computerized (USB) buzzer system or BQTournament License?

The latest computerized buzzer system used at many district tournaments and Junior National Finals can be ordered directly from the creator and supplier at The cost ranges is $240.00 includes shipping and everthing you need to get started (USB buzzer box, quizzer handles, and software for the first year.) BQTournment License can be ordered from as well. 

To Order a USB Buzzer or BQTournament License click here.


How do I order a the traditional (6 light) buzzer system?

The traditional buzzer system can be ordered from Erickson Electronics on the web at or by calling 651-738-0903. The item you want is the "QuizMaster 6", The cost is $205.00 plus $20.00 shipping for a total of $225.00 including shipping. Click here for link to QuizMaster 6.