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FAQ - New Website

FAQ – New Website?

Why the website change?

The new website is intended to a “MAJOR” upgrade to the prior site. YES it does LOOK different and requires that you create an account, but once you have created a new account and get use to the new website you should find it much more “user friendly”. It is also provides much improved and easier to understand email notifications. It is also much easier to “administer” and allows us to provide more comprehensive product descriptions and helpful information. The new website also provides more file download options, and makes it easier to add products and set product download options.


Why can’t I find my account on this new site?

There were a lot of duplicate accounts that were caused by password and logon issues. We decided to start with a “clean slate” for everyone. The new site requires that you go thru a one time “Create an account” process. To “Create an account” click on the link at the up right of the Home page. Please remember you password.


Where are the order forms and verse reference listings on the new website?

These are located under the "Resource" tab on the Home Page.


How do I report a problem or provide feedback on the new site?

Since this is a completely new website we expect that there may be problems and want to resolve problems as quickly as possible. If you encounter a problem, would like to provide feedback, or have a suggestion for improvement please email us at or in case of an urgent need give us a call at 214-674-1312.  


How do I find the “history” of my past orders?

If the order was place on this new website, log on to you account, and then click “My Account” in the upper right of the Home page. If you need history from the prior site you will need to send your request to