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FAQ - 2017 Material

What is the material for 2017 and when will it be available for purchase and online ordering? 

Verse listing for the 2017 Bible Quiz Materials for both Junior and Senior Divisions: Senior Verse Reference Listing CLICK HERE

Junior Verse Reference Listing CLICK HERE

For 2017 both the Junior and Senior Divisions will be studying selected verses from the Book of Acts. The Senior Study will be titled "Rooted". Experienced Division will studying 520 verses. The Intermediate Division will be learning the first 417 verses (thru Acts 23:24) of the Experienced verses. The Junior Division title will be "The Word in ACTSion". The Juniors will learn 276 verses selected from the Senior Experienced material, and the Beginner Division will learn the first 186 verses (thru Acts 10:48).

On a general note concerning the 2017 materials, the word count for 2017 comparable to the 2016 word count (slightly higher). The 2017 verses of study for both Seniors and Juniors are the exact same as was done in 2010.

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