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Verses of Study From The Last 15 Years (2006 thru 2020)

Posted by BQPowers Team on

Hello Quiz Family, 

From time to time, we receive requests from Coaches, Quizzers, or Parents asking for the verses of study from a particular year. We've heard of some parents who like to highlight all the verses that that their kids have learned over the course of their quiz careers. Then, they give these highlighted Bibles to their kiddos as graduation gifts, mementos, etc.,. (Cool Idea!) 

To help everyone more easily find these verses of study, we've documented and combined the past 15 years worth of verses in into 2 PDF files. There is a list in PDF format for Senior verses and for Junior verses. Feel free to download it and use it however you like.  

You can find it at the top of the BQPowers Resource Page

Thanks and God Bless, 

The BQPowers Team