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StudyPro - Good News From Apple

Posted by BQPowers Team on

Hello Quiz Family,

It has taken a while, but our developer did appeal Apple's decision to not allow updates to the Study-Pro App that we mentioned back in a previous blog post

The Good News - StudyPro Returns

After some deliberation, Apple decided to allow our customers to continue using the StudyPro app AND receive an update to address the software bug identified back in late September. 

If you need help updating your StudyPro app, here is a link to an article that walks you through updating your iOS devices.  

More Good News - the New BIBLE QUIZZER App Stays

After learning that Apple initially planned to block StudyPro, our developer created the BIBLE QUIZZER app for BQPowers customers. We mentioned this in a previous blog. To help our customers, we plan to keep both Apps (StudyPro and BIBLE QUIZZER) alive and updated for the remainder of the 2018 quiz season. Hopefully, that helps make life a little easier for everyone. 

The Future

For the 2019 Quiz Season (Starting in August of 2018), BQPowers will only sell a single iOS/Android/Kindle app, and that will be the BIBLE QUIZZER app. We are doing this just in case Apple changes their minds back over the next year, and it's just simpler for everyone if we have one app.

Thank you all for your patience through this process. We were all a little surprised by Apple's original decision, but in the end, it all seems to be working out. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The BQPowers Team