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StudyPro Software Bug

Posted by BQPowers Team on

Hello Quiz Family,

Last week, we learned about a software bug in the StudyPro App. The bug manifests when you go into the Flash Card Section and play the Flash Card game. After displaying the first verse, the App freezes, then crashes.

The developer confirmed there is a bug in the software and plans to release a bug fix via the Apple App Store. Unfortunately, due to recent App count restrictions enforced by Apple, the developer can't upload the fix to the App Store at this time. This issue is still in motion, and we're working to appeal this restriction with Apple.

All other StudyPro functionality is working correctly.

When/If the developer is allowed to upload the fix to the App Store, we'll let everyone know about its availability on this Blog, the BQPowers Facebook Page, and the BQPowers Email Newsletter.

If you prefer, Apple will allow you to request a refund as long as you purchased the App within the last 90 days. (Everyone should be within that timeframe right now. 09/27/17) If you would like a refund, here are the steps to follow:

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you or your Quizzers.

Thanks and God Bless,

The BQPowers Team