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New Coach Questions - What Materials Do My Quizzers Need?

Posted by BQPowers Team on

Hello Quiz Family, 

Each year we have the privilege of communicating with new coaches. It's fantastic because we hear the passion, excitement, and burden they have for their ministry. We know sometimes it can feel like you're operating all alone out there, but don't worry. You're not alone, and BQPowers is here to help. 

Over the next few weeks, we plan to release a series of blog posts that provide answers to some of the most common, and some uncommon, questions that new coaches have asked us over the years.

In this post, we'll answer one of the most asked questions: "What material do my Quizzers Need?" This is a good question. The right equipment makes a difference. There's a reason football players don't play in flip-flops. Same concept goes for your Quizzers. If we want them to effectively learn the Word of God in preparation for a quiz, it helps if they use the right equipment. Let's get started: 

What materials do my Quizzers need? 

The following recommendations are based on feedback we've received from many coaches over the years. These three resources are the most helpful to new Quizzers as they learn their material and get ready to compete at quiz tournaments. 

#1) Study Guide/Workbook

The Study Guide workbook is an excellent resource for your Quizzers. These workbooks contain the following: 

1) Study Verses 

2) Study Quizzes

3) Quotation Completion Exercises

4) Verse Endings (Seniors Only) Exercises

5) Verse Beginnings Exercises

6) One Time Words Exercises

7) Two Time Words Exercises

Why do we recommend the Study Guide/Workbook? 

We recommend it because it helps the Quizzer accomplish two primary learning objectives. First, it provides your Quizzers with the actual Study Verses (#1 Above) they will be quizzed on at tournaments. Second, it helps them to solidify the scriptures they have learned by allowing them to quiz their selves on it. (#2 Above) 

Quick Tip: There are multiple versions of the King James Bible. These Study Guides contain the version that Quizzers will be quizzed on at tournaments.

After they have met those first two learning objectives, they can begin to focus on the workbook exercises (#'s 1-5) above. These exercises will give them the skills needed to effectively answer questions asked during an actual quiz tournament. 

#2) Color Coded Pages

Color Coded Pages are a series of laminated page products that help Quizzers to quickly identify and reference the following categories in their Verses of Study: 

- One Time Words 

- Two Time Words

- Animals

- Body Parts

- Geographic Locations

- Proper Name

- Unique Beginning

- Unique Ending (Senior Division Only) 

Here is a screenshot of an Intermediate Division Color Coded Page: 

Why do we recommend the Color Coded Pages?

Color Coded Pages are an excellent resource to help Quizzers visually identify which verses contain one-time words, two-time words, animals, body parts, geographic locations, proper names, and unique beginnings and unique endings (senior division only). As an example, the screenshot above quickly allows us to realize that the word "Galatia" is a One Time Word (1X) and a Geographic Location because it is highlighted green and is in a bold blue font. 

Quiz the Coach: Here are few Pop Quiz Questions to help you understand how this resource can help your Quizzers::

Pop Quiz Question #1: Two time (2X) words appear in a bold green font. How many two time words can you find in the screenshot above? (Galatians 1:1-9) 


Pop Quiz Question #2: If the "/" symbol represents a Unique beginning, after what word should your Quizzer be interrupting a Quiz Master who begins a question by quoting Galatians 1:1? 

Answer: Immediately after the word "Paul" is spoken.   

That is what makes Color Coded Pages such a useful resource for Quizzers and Coaches alike.

To learn more about Color Coded Pages,  watch this Color Coded Pages YouTube video. (4.5 Minutes Long) 

Quick Tip: The Pocket Verse Products are small, laminated, portable, flip chart like versions of the Color Coded Pages. Easy for Quizzers to take with them wherever they go. 

#3) Verse Cards

Verse Cards are 2" by 4.25" cards that each contain one verse of study. The verse reference is found on the front and the entire scripture is on the back. Verse Cards come in two styles: One is color, and the other is black and white. The Color version of the Verse Cards follow the Color Coded Pages color theme and will apply those same colors to one time words, two time words, animals, body parts, geographic locations, proper names, and unique beginnings and unique endings (senior division only). This is useful because your quizzer will find a uniformity in color conventions across each of their study materials. 

If you would like to learn more about Verse Cards, feel free to watch the Verse Card Unboxing Video below: 

Why do we recommend Verse Cards?

To be successful during a quiz, a Quizzer must be able to quickly recall a verse or verse reference. Verse cards help increase a Quizzers recall speed. Verse Cards are beneficial because they: 

1) Engage Active Recall

In short, Verse Cards force the Quizzer to remember the scripture from scratch as opposed to re-reading the verse over and over again in order to memorize it. 

2) Engage Meta-cognitive Faculties

Turning the Verse Card over and reviewing the answer is a form of self-reflection because the Quizzer is essentially saying "How did I do?" or "How does the actual answer compare to my answer?". This act of self-reflection helps to ingrain memories. (i.e., Plant the Word of God in their hearts)

3) Gauge Progress

Verse Cards help the Quizzer to understand where they are in their learning. For example, a Quizzer wants to learn 20 verses between now and the next quiz practice, that's 20 Verse Cards that they need to focus on. If they only know 5 of that 20, they then understand where they need to focus the rest of their time. 

Quick Tip: Your Quizzer can use colored alligator pins to identify which cards they know and don't know. We'll post more on this in a future blog. 

We hope your Quizzers enjoy these resources and pray that God blesses your Bible Quiz Ministry.  

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Thanks and God Bless, 

The BQPowers Team