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New Coach Questions #2 - What Materials Do New Coaches Need?

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Hello Quiz Family, 

This is the second installment of the New Coach Question Series. In the first post, we reviewed what materials a Quizzer needs. (Find it here) In this post, we'll focus on the Big Kahuna, El Capitan, Numero Uno, the Head Honcho. In other words, you, the Coach. 

What Materials Do New Coaches Need?

In addition to a strong prayer life and a lot of patience, we recommend the following materials:

1) Rules Manual

It helps so much when you know the rules. For example, you will learn you're not supposed to call a time-out after a Quizmaster starts asking a question at Nationals. This will earn your team a five point penalty. (Voice of experience speaking here) You need to know the rules. 

The Junior Rules Manual is only 44 pages long, and the Senior Rules Manual is 52 pages long. (Pages 3 to 45 are the actual rules. Not a long read. The Sunday School Division and the General Youth Division both did an excellent job of compiling and updating these manuals to help all our Quizzers and Coaches succeed. 

You can find them here: 

Junior Rules Manual

Senior Rules Manual

2) Quiz Sets

Most of your Quiz Practices will involve asking your Quizzers questions on their material. To do this and not repeat the same questions over and over, you're going to need a LOT of questions, but not just any questions. You want questions that are similar to those asked by the Quizmasters at your local tournaments, Extravaganzas, and National Tournaments. This is very important

Why is this important? How you practice is how you play. If your Quizzers learn to answer questions written in a certain style, they will do well when that same style is used at tournaments. (Kind of a mental home field advantage) If they are used to something different, tournaments will be much more challenging.  

Learn the Material. Not the Questions. Have your Quizzers learn their material, not the quizzes. In the past, some coaches have told us they did not have their Quizzers learn/memorize the Study Verses (i.e., The Material) to prepare for tournaments. Instead, they had them memorize the answers to specific quizzes. Please don't do this. Most of the time, the questions you hear at tournaments are not the same as those you practice with. Question styles may be similar, but the question content will, more than likely, be different. 

Quick Tip: The BQPowers Quiz Sets are written by former Quizzers with extensive Quizzing, Coaching, and Question writing experience. BQPowers Junior and Senior Quiz Sets are carefully reviewed to ensure that the questions are written in the same manner as current question writers for Extravaganza, District Finals, and Nationals.

BQPowers usually releases a new Quiz Set every one to two months starting in early September. 

When ordering Quiz Sets from BQPowers, there are a few of different formats you can choose from. They are: 

1) Hard Copy Format

These are actual physical paper Quizzes. You can order them from the BQPowers website, and they'll arrive in the mail 2 to 10 days later depending on the type of shipping you select. 

2) Digital Downloadable Format

These Quiz Sets can be downloaded immediately after they are purchased. BQPowers will send you an email with a "Download" link in it, and you can have the Quiz Sets in moments. Have a Quiz Practice in 15 minutes? No problem. Order a Downloadable Quiz Set and look super-prepared.  

Quick Tip: All BQPowers downloadable products have a "d)" beside the product number. For example, the product number for the downloadable Senior Quiz Set 1 is "31d)" while the hardcopy format is just "31)".

Full Year Quiz Sets = One-Stop-Shopping 

Full Year Quiz Sets are an option that more and more Coaches are taking advantage. What is it? It means that you can purchase all Quiz Sets for the entire year right now. Full Year Quiz Sets are usually available starting on on August 1st each year. 

Here's how it works. Let's say you purchase the Downloadable Junior Full Year Quiz Set 066d) in mid-September. You will receive an invoice email that contains a "Download" link. This link takes you to your BQPowers Customer Directory, where you can download Quiz Set 1 immediately. (Because it's mid-September and Quiz Set 1 was released a few weeks ago)

A few weeks pass, and now it is early October and Quiz Set 2 is released. Without you having to do anything else, you get a friendly notification email from BQPowers letting you know that the newly released Junior Quiz Set 2 has been dropped into your BQPowers Customer Directory (Like Manna from Heaven) and is ready to download.

With the Full Year Quiz Set Option, you will be the first to know when a new Quiz Set is available and one of the first to receive it. That's one less thing to worry about as you prepare for your next Quiz Practice.  

You can find BQPowers Full Year Quiz Sets Here: 

Junior Full Year Quiz Sets

Senior Full Year Quiz Sets

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

We love this Bible Quizzing Life and think you all are some of the greatest people in the world. 

God Bless, 

The BQPowers Team