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Music CDs, Scriptures, and Hurricanes

Posted by BQPowers Team on

Hello Quiz Family,

Several have asked lately, "When will the last 2018 Richardson CD be available?" We are usually able to get those out to all of our customers by October 1st. However, this year, the weather slowed us down a bit. The Richardsons, who create these wonderful Music CDs, live in Central Florida and as you've heard about in the news, the weather has been a little dicey there this past month. 

Thank the Lord; they are doing fine. The storm did knock out their electricity for about seven days.As you can imagine, having no power slows down the production schedule, but never fear! Electricity has been restored, and the Richardsons are back at it again producing those scriptures songs that our Quizzers all love.

The final Richardson CD should be available on October 16th. BQPowers will start mailing them out to customers at that time.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this slight delay.

Thanks and God Bless