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2019 Shipping Price Increase: (VERY IMPORTANT, please read).

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Shipping Price Increase: (VERY IMPORTANT, please read).

Since we started in 2000 we have offered $5.00 media, and $10.00 priority shipping. Over the past 20 years our costs have increased dramatically (more than double what we paid in 2000, and in many cases more than that). Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer the $5.00 and $10.00 shipping.

Our choices were to increase product pricing to cover the shipping costs or begin charging the actual cost of shipping for our products. In the future, the shipping amount charged will be the ACTUAL COST of shipping plus a $3.50 processing and handling fee. USPS Media Mail, USPS Parcel Select, USPS Priority Mail, and FedEx Ground shipping options will be available. At the time of your order you will be shown the cost and estimated delivery time for your order, and you can select the one that best matches your cost and delivery needs.

The determining factors of your cost will be weight of your shipment, distance from our shipping location in the Dallas, TX area, and how quickly you want the order. For small/indivdual orders the increase will be small, but for large/team orders needing to go a great distance (like Oregon or Maine) via Priority Mail or FedEx the cost increase will be significant.

To save on shipping, we recommend purchasing your materials at General Conference in Louisville, KY. If you are unable to attend, or need your materials before then (late September), place your order at least two weeks before you need it. That way your order can be shipped via USPS Media Mail which is the lowest cost shipping method but can take 7 to 10 days to arrive. Priority mail and FedEx shipments will experience the largest increase in cost.

SAVE BY ORDERING EARLY or at an event. Another "cost saving tip" is to combine your order from others in your church. An order for a single item incurs the same $3.50 handling charge as an order for multiple items. Also, shipping a heavy box is more cost effective than shipping a light weight box.