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Junior and Senior Quiz Sets 1, 2 and 3 plus Year Quiz Sets available for purchase

Posted on has provided Quiz Set for 20 years. Quiz sets are carefully reviewed to make sure they are written in the styles that quiz teams will hear at nationally sponsored events (BQE, District and National Finals). Once your purchase is completed, quiz sets are immediately available available for download (order them just before quiz practice if needed).

Senior Quiz sets are 25 quizzes for $20.00 (80 cents per quiz) and Junior Quiz Sets are 20 quizzes for $15.00 (75 cents per quiz). Full year quiz sets are also available.

    Junior and Senior Quiz Sets 1, 2 and 3 as well as Full Year Quiz Sets are available for purchase. Quiz Sets 1,2 and 3 are available for immediate download once the purchase is completed.

BQPowers Quiz Sets are the ONLY quiz sets that work with the Question Pro program and Question Pro function of the Bible Quizzer App. The Question Pro Program allows you to remix quiz questions into different quizzes, and the Bible Quizzer Question Pro Function allows you to send quizzes to your device (smartphone or tablet), so you can read the quizzes directly from your device complete with reference. or select specific types of questions. 

For more information on Question Pro (click here):

Question Pro (Item #115d) is available for immediate download (click here).

Welcome to the 2019 Quiz Season

 Hello Quiz Family, Welcome to another year of Bible Quizzing. The 2019 over Bible Doctrine looks like it's going to be an exciting one! Bible Doctrine is always one of the best studies, and this year should be no exception as indicated by our record breaking sales at both Junior and Senior National finals The BQPowers Web [...]

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Tips for learning by Bible Doctrine Section (“Study” vs “Alpha” sequence).

In 2019 Quizzers will be learning in Doctrine Section order, NOT by Bible verse order. A Bible Doctrine Section contains random verses from across the Bible that support the Doctrine topic. For example here are the verses for Topics Senior Quizzing 1A – 1C:1A – God Himself is the Author of the Bible. It is the Word of God. ----------------------------------Exodus [...]

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2019 Pricing (no increase in product pricing)

2019 Pricing.There are NO MAJOR price increases planned for our “products” in 2019. The New Coaches Package price will increase from $50.00 to $60.00 due to the additional items needed for Bible Doctrine. The “materials packages” will no longer be available because of the very low sales volumes, and the associated “discounts” (less than $10.00) [...]

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2019 Shipping Price Increase: (VERY IMPORTANT, please read).

Shipping Price Increase: (VERY IMPORTANT, please read).Since we started in 2000 we have offered $5.00 media, and $10.00 priority shipping. Over the past 20 years our costs have increased dramatically (more than double what we paid in 2000, and in many cases more than that). Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer the $5.00 [...]

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NOW AVAILABLE: 2019 Verse Listings

Hello Quiz Family,The 2018 Junior and Senior Bible Quiz Verse Listings are Now Available! You can find them here: 2019 Junior Verse Listings2019 Senior Verse ListingsThis website is OPEN and ACCEPTING orders for 2019 Materials.Click here for 2019 Order Worksheet.Thanks and God Bless,The BQPowers Team

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Verses of Study From The Last 11 Years

Hello Quiz Family, From time to time, we receive requests from Coaches, Quizzers, or Parents asking for the verses of study from a particular year. We've heard of some parents who like to highlight all the verses that that their kids have learned over the course of their quiz careers. Then, they give these highlighted Bibles [...]

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How Do I Download My BQPowers Product?

Hello Quiz Family,The Internet is an amazing thing. It's allowed BQPowers to expedite the delivery of many of our most popular products. Need a quiz set at 3:00 AM on Sunday morning? No problem! Browse on over to and, our friendly eCommerce robots will download the quiz set to you in mere moments. Awesome! Some [...]

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UPCI Educational Videos Added

UPCI Educational Videos have been added 8/17/14.Click HERE for Video Links

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Important Canadian Shipping Charge Change

Due to recent changes in shipping orders to Canada and the tremendous increase in the cost of doing so, we are no longer able to offer the same $5.00 “Media Mail” shipping we currently offer to orders shipped to a USA address.Effective immediately, please be advised that all orders shipped to a Canadian address will [...]

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