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NOW AVAILABLE: 2018 Verse Listings

Posted by The BQPowers Team on

Hello Quiz Family,

It's June! Junior and Senior Nationals are a little over a month away and most teams are preparing for District Finals. However, we know there are those you who are always looking ahead...planning...ready to see what's around the corner. If you are that kind of person, this post is for you.

The 2018 Junior and Senior Bible Quiz Verse Listings are Now Available! You can find them here: 

2018 Junior Verse Listings

2018 Senior Verse Listings

Please remember, BQPowers Study Materials will be on sale in person at Junior and Senior Nationals in mid and late July and online on August 2, 2018. 

Thanks and God Bless,

The BQPowers Team

By Popular Demand - A New BQPowers Product

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Hello Quiz Family,Most of the Bible Quiz Extravaganzas are over now, and it's time to start looking toward District Finals. With finals on the horizon, we Quiz Coaches are asking for "MORE QUESTIONS!! I'm happy to announce; we have more questions. District Final Prep Sets are ready for download! Just in time for quiz practice!BUT WAIT [...]

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Want to Know What the Material Will be for 2018?

Hello Quiz Family,We've received a number of calls and emails lately asking what the 2018 Quiz Material will cover. Wow! You guys love to plan ahead. The 2018 Quiz Season will cover verses from: (II Corinthians will only be covered by the Senior Division.)When Will the Actual Verses Be Released?The actual verses, from these books, will [...]

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Quiz Set 4 - Now Available

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Verses of Study From The Last 11 Years

Hello Quiz Family, From time to time, we receive requests from Coaches, Quizzers, or Parents asking for the verses of study from a particular year. We've heard of some parents who like to highlight all the verses that that their kids have learned over the course of their quiz careers. Then, they give these highlighted Bibles [...]

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Junior Rule Change on Qualifying for Nationals at Extravaganza - But What About The Seniors?

Hello Quiz Family, Many of you may have seen Bro. Marshall's post on Facebook regarding the new NAJBQT qualification requirements approved by the General Sunday School Board (GSSB) in late 2016. Here is the new rule, if you missed it: When this rule change went public, one could hear a collective sigh of relief from Junior Quizzers and [...]

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BQE Prep Sets Are Now Available

Hello Quiz Family, It's almost Extravaganza Time!  These tournaments are a milestone in the Bible Quizzing year and I'm sure your teams are looking forward to them. In the Senior Division, the style of question used at Extravaganza could be a little different from other Extravaganza-style questions, BQPowers worked with the Official Senior BQE question writer to develop [...]

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Junior and Senior Quiz Set 4 - Coming Soon!

Quiz Set 4 for Juniors and Seniors is scheduled for release on Monday, February 27th. Watch for the release announcement on this Announcements Page or on the BQPowers Facebook Page. Thanks and God Bless, The BQPowers Team

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