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2021 Richardson Junior Music Available via WordSong APP

Bro. Christian and Sister Denee Richardson have provided the Beginner and Junior verses of study set to music for the past 10 years. Sister Denee is a professional musician with many solo projects and albums to her credit. She is also Music Director at Souls Harbor 1st Pentecostal Church in Belleview, Florida. Their Bible Quizzing songs have blessed thousands of Bible Quizzers since beginning to create unique Bible Quiz Music back in 2010. Their music has been proven to be a very effective tool to assist children as young a 4 year old (without reading skills), to learn the Bible Quizzing Verses.

Major Changes to Richardson Music for 2021

Church License CD sets no longer Available

Go to for more information

Richardson Jr Bible Quizzing Music ONLY Available via “WordSong” App

Subscription based service for only $2.99 per month
    Search “Wordsong” is App Store
    Once downloaded create an account
    2 week free trial for everyone
    3 devices can be logged on using same account at a time

Music and onscreen verse text of Bible Quizzing Material
Contains CURRENT and PRIOR Bible Quizzing Verse Songs
Additional Denee Richardson Music and devotions content
Errors can be “instantly” fixed and available to everyone
No need to copy/distribute CD (all media people said “AMEN”)