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2021 Pro Software Downloads Available

All "Pro" Software programs (Question Pro, and Reference Pro, 3 Game Pro Pack (includes Coach Pro, Learn Pro, and Study Pro), are now available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD once purchased. NO SHIPPING CHARGES are charged on these download items.

115d) 2021 Question Pro Download (Click here for Purchase Link):

Description: Provides previously purchased BQPowers quiz sets in “database form” from the Questions Pro download site at no additional charge. Question Pro provides the coach with the ability to select questions by point value, type and/or style, generate different quizzes from existing questions, and print them or export them to a Word document via "RTF" (Rich Text Format). The FREE Question-Pro App allows you to send quizzes or question sets directly to Apple device which allows you to read quizzes directly from Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch. Sorry not available for Android. For addtional information and tips click the link below: Click here for additional Question Pro Info (Flyer and Tips document)

114d) 2021 Reference-Pro Digital Download (Click here for Purchase Link):

Description: Provides quick word look up by verse, word, or phrase.Replaces Computer Reference Program - Completely rewritten and improved for 2011. Windows based - Windows 7/8/10. Provides quick verse display by chapter & verse, plus word/phrase search capabilities, quotation, completion, cross verse, concordance, questions and exclamations. It contains all Beginner, Junior, Intermediate, & Experienced material. Now Window Based and fully compatible with Window 7/8/10. It is very useful while coaching at quiz practice and tournaments, but DOES NOT have print capability.


113d) 2021 Game Suite - All 3 Games - Digital Download (Click here for Purchase Link):

Description:  Buy Coach-Pro (#110), Learn-Pro (#111), and Study-Pro (#112), as a set and save. At a cost of only $23.00 per game CD these games work for all Divisions, and are Church Licensed for use by all the Church Quiz Family, and Coaches. For detailed descriptions see individual items.


110d) 2021 Coach Pro Game - Digital Download (Click for purchase Link): 

Description: Coaching aid to generate reproducible games and tests for quizzers to use at home, at school, or at practice. All Divisions. Generate several reproducible resources for each division (Beginners, Juniors, Intermediate, Experienced), such as crossword puzzles, word search, bubble tests, fill in the blank, and more. Print and generate from any verse or chapter range you choose.


111d) 2020 Learn Pro Game - Digital Download (Click for purchase Link):

Description: Computerized learning aid for quizzers of all Divisions using fill the blank to assist in memorization. Use "Fill in the Blank" or "Verse Completion" to quiz yourself. Post high scores to the internet to compete against other quizzers. Contains verses for all divisions (Beginners, Juniors, Intermediate, Experienced). Church license, may be copied within a single church.


112d) 2020 Study-Pro Game CD - Digital Download (Click for purchase Link):

Description: A digital downloadable version of this great interactive computer study aid. The Study Pro game is similar to the mobile phone App, but contains so much more. It contains digital verse cards numerous study aids, and games, along with speech to text capability. For all Divisions.

Quiz yourself on "quote cards" and keywords for all divisions (Beginner, Junior, Intermediate, Experienced.) Search the text for words, phrases, people, places. Also contains several games for help in your study, such as "catch'em", "crush'em", and "Keyword Test". Speech to Text capability also "speaks" the verses.