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2021 Coloring Book Errors

2021 Beginner/Junior Coloring Book errors (item #098).

Here is a link to the "fix" for Mark 1:5. Other corrections (Mark 1:19 & 4:37) will be posted in the near future.

There is a 2021 beginner/junior coloring book for sale through BQPowers and we are always grateful for everyone who finds it useful for their children.

We do have to apologize for some errors that have been found. To be honest, we had to rush production to complete it in time to be offered for sale when the BQ Powers store opened. We are mortified by the errors, because we do not want to create a subpar product or one that causes quizzers to incorrectly learn the verses.

In order to ensure that every error is found, we are creating the Coloring Book Challenge.

Post any errors you find in the coloring book as a comment to this post. The first person to post an error in a verse will receive a $20 gift certificate to BQPowers. That is a per verse reward; if you are the first person to point out an error in 3 separate verses, then you earn $60.

An error is: (1) where there is a no picture for a word/phrase; (2) the words in the verse are out of order; or (3) the words in the verse are incorrect (i.e. verse says disciples, but the coloring page only says disciple). Myself and 

Gary E Powers Sr. are the sole judges of what is considered an error.

Mark 1:5 and Mark 4:37 have already been identified as errors; 

Melinda Morrow Tibbits and Natalie Johnson were the first people to identify them and they will each receive a gift certificate.

Our goal is to create a file with all of the corrected coloring book pages by the end of the month. That file will be placed on the BQ Powers website and be available for a free download.

Again, thank you for your continued support of the coloring book and we are so sorry that this happened. God Bless You.