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2021 Coloring Book Errors

2021 Beginner/Junior Coloring Book errors (item #098).

Post from Craig Smith regarding the errors:

"As many of you are aware, there were a number of errors in the 2021 Beginner/Junior Coloring Book. Effective with today's shipments all coloring books are being shipped with the corrected pages included, although you will need to insert the corrected pages in the book (but no need to print them out). Once the few remaining books from the “initial” inventory is depleted, the next printing will contain all corrections. Church License CDs of the corrected Coloring Book began shipping on Thursday of last week. You may now purchase the 2021 Coloring book and have all the corrections included. Once again sorry for the errors. Please see the following earlier post from Craig Smith regarding the errors.

From Craig Smith:

”Coaches/Parents, if you have purchased the Beginner/Junior Coloring Book for your quizzers, the following is VERY IMPORTANT information regarding errors in this year's (2021) edition. This information was originally posted in Coaches Corner by the author, Craig Smith.

"Here is the link to the corrected verses for the coloring book:

That link will take you to the PDF on my Google Drive. Save and re-print the PDF and immediately replace those verses in your child's coloring book. Please share that link far and wide.

As I told Bro. Gary E Powers Sr. privately, I am mortified beyond measure, I want to vomit and I am embarrassed at the quality of the product we provided this year. I know a lot of quiz families rely on the coloring book to teach their children the verses, so having so many mistakes in the book is gut-wrenching.

I could list the reasons why the errors happened, but ultimately, the buck stops with me. We had to utilize a new system for putting it together and I did not do my job of ensuring that every word in every verse was correct. I am very and truly sorry for my failures. Future editions of the coloring book will not have this problem. The Bible is not substandard; bible quizzers are not substandard and bible quiz parents are not substandard. So the coloring book can never let itself be substandard.

God bless all of you.

Craig Smith"