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2020 Junior/Senior Quiz Set 1 Now Available

2020 Junior and Senior Quiz Set 1 NOW Available for IMMEDIATE Download

Both our Junior and Senior Quiz Set 1s are available for “immediate download” on this website We expect to have Quiz Set 2 for both divisions by mid-September.

Full Year Junior and Senior quiz sets are also available for purchase, and additional quiz sets will be distributed for immediate download as available. If you are interested, following are the links to purchase quiz set 1, and information on purchasing our Full Year Quiz Sets.

God’s Blessings, Bro. Powers

Junior Division Quiz Set 1 (item 061d) – thru Psalms 19:14 (67 verses):


Senior Division Quiz Set 1 (item 031d) – thru Psalms 25:22 152 Verses:


Junior Division Full Year Quiz Sets (066d, 068d, 069d):


Senior Division Full Year Quiz Sets (040d, 041d, 0042d):