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2019 Quiz Sets Available has provided Quiz Set for 20 years. Quiz sets are carefully reviewed to make sure they are written in the styles that quiz teams will hear at nationally sponsored events (BQE, District and National Finals). Once your purchase is completed, quiz sets are immediately available available for download (order them just before quiz practice if needed).

Senior Quiz sets are 25 quizzes for $20.00 (80 cents per quiz) and Junior Quiz Sets are 20 quizzes for $15.00 (75 cents per quiz). Full year quiz sets are also available.

Junior and Senior Quiz Sets 1, 2 and 3 as well as Full Year Quiz Sets are available for purchase. Quiz Sets 1,2 and 3 are available for immediate download once the purchase is completed.

BQPowers Quiz Sets are the ONLY quiz sets that work with the Question Pro program and Question Pro function of the Bible Quizzer App. The Question Pro Program allows you to remix quiz questions into different quizzes, and the Bible Quizzer Question Pro Function allows you to send quizzes to your device (smartphone or tablet), so you can read the quizzes directly from your device complete with reference. or select specific types of questions. 

For more information on Question Pro (click here):

Question Pro (Item #115d) is available for immediate download (click here).