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098) 2021 Beginner Coloring Book (with Junior addendum)


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Important Note for 2021 8 ½ by 11 books : For Safety, Convenience & to Streamline Production, all 8 ½ by 11 books will now come 3 hole-punched and shrink wrapped and will no longer come "spiral" bound. Please place in your own binder. Copying for others is not allowed.

Description: A Beginner coloring book offered by the Pentecostals of San Benito. Each verse is contained on a single page in picture format along with the verse text. This is an excellent tool for beginners that have not developed their reading skills, and are looking for a “fun” way to learn.

NEW for 2020 is an addendum that that can be downloaded and printed if you purchase the book for a Junior quizzer.

For a sample and more information click here

Intended Users: Beginner Quizzers & Parents.

Special Notes:

  • Copying of this guide for others IS PROHIBITED. This coloring book is designed to be used for one quizzer only. The buyer may make copies of the pages, but only for use with that quizzer. Teams wishing to use this guide will need to PURCHASE ONE FOR EACH QUIZZER.
  • A church license product (#098c) IS AVAILABLE that will allow you to print as many books as needed for your team.


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  1. Coloring Book Review 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Oct 2020

    The errors in the coloring book were very disappointing. The letter packaged with it included a very graphic apology yet listed all the errors for the recipient to print and correct. One of the corrections still had the verse out of order. Had the book been bound, I would have better understood the need for the recipient to correct. It was not bound and could have been corrected before mail out, at the least the corrections could have been printed and included with the letter.

    Thank you for your feedback, and I agree. In retrospect we could have handled this better. The decisions were made by the author Bro. Craig Smith. The GOOD NEWS is that he learned a valuable lesson about the importance of a careful review. Bro. Powers.

  2. Great for new reader 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Sep 2020

    I like the coloring book the visuals are great for a new reader. It worked wonders for us last year. Like the other review stated I also found Mark 1:5 is wrong confessing their sins it's supposed to go at the end of the verse.
    Luckily I had a three-ring binder just laying around that I hadn't had a use for yet. I like the three-ring binder better than the binding. last year a couple pages got folded easy because the cover was a bit flimsy no big deal this year I don't see that happening being in a binder.
    So in conclusion I'm only taking away one star because of the wrong verse so far I was lucky to catch it. Coloring book is different this year but different doesn't necessarily mean bad.

    Thank you for your feedback. Your comment "the coloring book is different this year" is extremely accurate. Due to the authors time constraints (seems we all get busier from time to time) he went to new process, and had others help him in order to provide this years coloring book. The results were more errors, due to the new method and a failure in the review process. This the 8th year of the coloring book, and to this point errors have been minimal. Unfortunately there are numerous in this year's coloring book, and rest assured that no one feel worse than the author Craig Smith. We have been posting on Coaches Corner, Parents Corner and you our BQPowers FB page about the problem. Follow is a copy of the Craig Smith post that posted yesterday on Coaches Corner.
    "Here is the link to the corrected verses for the coloring book: (you may have to copy and paste this link into the URL address line of your browser).
    That link will take you to the PDF on my Google Drive. Save and re-print the PDF and immediately replace those verses in your child's coloring book. Please share that link far and wide.
    As I told Bro. Gary E Powers Sr. privately, I am mortified beyond measure, I want to vomit and I am embarrassed at the quality of product we provided this year. I know a lot of quiz families rely on the coloring book to teach their children the verses, so having so many mistakes in the book is gut-wrenching.
    I could list the reasons why the errors happened, but ultimately, the buck stops with me. We had to utilize a new system for putting it together and I did not do my job of ensuring that every word in every verse was correct. I am very and truly sorry for my failures. Future editions of the coloring book will not have this problem. The Bible is not substandard; bible quizzers are not substandard and bible quiz parents are not substandard. So the coloring book can never let itself be substandard.
    God bless all of you.
    Craig Smith"
    Thank you for your purchase, and sorry for the problem. Bro. Powers

  3. Disappointed 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Aug 2020

    So thankful for the materials but was disappointed with it not being bound anymore. I had to find a 3 ring binder and it's getting ruined more easier now. Also so far Mark 1:5 in the coloring book is not correct.

    Sister Felicia, thank you for your purchase and taking the time to provide feedback. Sorry to hear of your disappointment. Rest assured these changes were made after much thought, and careful consideration. I surveyed several coaches and parents, and all were okay with us making the change.
    To address your concerns:
    1) Before ordering, we asked everyone to read the following information on our main order page: "For Safety, Convenience & to Streamline Production, all 8 ½ by 11 books will come 3 hole-punched and shrink wrapped" so hopefully this was not a surprise. This decision was made before we knew of the cancellation of nationals and was done to protect purchasers from Covid-19 by providing a shrink wrapped book rather that a spiral bound book that had might been handled by others prior to purchase.
    2) Many quizzers already have a 3-ring binder that they use. Many have them already because of their schoolwork. I understand that young quizzers may not have one readily available, but they will find a binder almost essential as their quizzing experience progresses. 3-ring binders are easily obtained on-line or from Walmart.
    3) The advantage of having the pages in a 3-hole binder is that you can take the pages out for the child to color, and then replace them in the binder once completed. Another option is to have a large binder for the entire book, and a small binder that is for a portion of "active" pages. You are permitted to make copies of the pages if you are copying the pages for the quizzer that the book was purchased for. None of these are options for the spiral bound book.
    4) Errors in past coloring books have been rare. Due to a change in the program used to create the coloring book and the review process (creator had someone else review for errors), errors occurred in the final printing that were not caught before production. We are aware of the error on Mark 1:5, and also Mark 1:19 and Mark 4:37. So sorry for the errors. Here is a link to a page about the errors on our website: (you may have to copy and past this URL into the URL line of your web browser.
    God's Blessings, Bro. Powers

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