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063) 2018 JuniorBeginner Quiz Set 3 - Hebrews 2:9 (165 Verses) Hardcopy + Free Download


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Description: 20 Quizzes thru Hebrews 2:9 (165 Verses)

Intended Users: Junior (Beginner & Junior) Coaches. These ARE NOT recommended for parents unless your coach is using questions from another source for quiz practice.

Planned availability: NOW – To avoid shipping charges ($5.00) and Hardcopy surcharge ($2.00) order the “download” version from the “Downloads (No Ship)” category.

Special Notes:

  • The link for your "FREE" Download will be send as part of your completed invoice. Hardcopy will be mailed to you.
  • This quiz set comes ready to use at quiz practice at a cost of $.75 (75 cents) per quiz, and is formatted so that it can be used by both Beginner and Junior teams (30 point cross reference question is substituted).
  • The quiz set contains quizzes with an increasing number of verses, and the coverage is heavier on the newer verses. These are for use at quiz practice as your team progresses thru the material.
  • Sister Tiffany Waddel writes these quizzes to be consistent with questions that a team might hear at National Tournaments and Extravaganzas. Each set contains fresh questions not used on prior quiz sets.
  • It is recommended that you use the quiz practice sets in order (#061#062, #063#064).
  • Shipping charges apply even if sent email, due to the time it takes to prepare the email. To avoid shipping charge (if this is only item you are ordering), use the “download” version from the “Downloads (No Ship)” category.

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